I love watching YouTubers.
There’s just something about their lives that draws you in, something that makes you want to watch their main channel videos or daily vlogs on their second channel.
I personally like a lot of YouTubers, especially those with a good sense of humour!


I don’t see myself as a typical fan of most of these people, I don’t constantly tweet them asking them to follow me, or fangirl if they announce they’re doing a following spree for the next 10 minutes! There’s nothing wrong with it but, I, myself, don’t see the point in trying to reach out to people with such massive fan bases.
However, I really do love watching YouTube videos, vlogs and keeping up to date with what some of them are doing.
Caspar Lee recently made a video highlighting all of the successes of his friends such as Alfie Deyes with the Pointless Book, Tanya Burr with her nail and lips line, Troye Sivan for releasing his amazing E.P. TRXYE and Tyler Oakley for raising over $500,000 for The Trevor Project which really shows how people who are just living their dream can actually make a difference to our society. They all started making videos because they loved the idea of sharing and creating unique content to upload not knowing that they’d become famous out of it and as fan bases expand, it means they can do more and become even more successful.
The people in the photo at the top of this post, are all amazing, they promote heathy ways to live your life and how to just be a bit more positive when you’re not feeling 100% yourself. They are seen as role models by a lot of people because of their unique personalities and ability to make you smile and laugh.
And that’s why I love YouTubers 🙂

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