I spent the first 12 years of my life in Worle, North Somerset with my parents and older brother Millan. We moved up North 4 years ago and have only visited back twice! So for me, the idea of finally returning with my brother and dad for the weekend excited me greatly!
I was really looking forward to being able to see my childhood house once again, and returning to the sandy beach in Weston, as well as being able to catch up with my old friends and revisiting the places I spent my early years!

After a gruelling 3 hour long car journey, we finally arrived in Worle which was incredibly exciting for me! We drove straight to the ‘famous’ Worle high street, which was exactly the same as I saw it 4 years ago, to pick up the keys to our old house. A quick 5 minute drive later, we arrived! Looking around the house brought back so many happy memories and funny stories which we recalled as we entered the different rooms. Although there were some dramatic colour changes to some of the walls, it still felt like my home.
We then decided to go to the beach to let off some steam! After a short walk, kicking a football between the 3 of us and a selfie with a donkey, we found a wall with a faint goal line and had penalty shootouts for an hour or so!

I then, was able to see a great friend of mine called Melina! She and I used to take the bus together every morning, from Worle to our school in Bristol. We gossiped away, and I caught up with some of the updates from school. We then of course, took a photo together and then went our separate ways!


Not much else happened after that as the weather was not in our favour, so we called it a day and drove to my uncles house in Bristol to stay the night.

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