We’re Screwed.

Our generation is messed up.
When I was being brought up I learnt to respect people, be polite, have general good manners, dress decently, don’t smoke, don’t drink etc etc…
Nowadays, walking around town you see 13 year olds wearing crop tops and mini skirts, holding their 14 year old boyfriends hand while his other holds a cigarette. Then you hear them chatting about how much fun they had getting white girl wasted on the weekend off of one whole WKD!!

I don’t know how this has become acceptable nowadays, but what’s even worse, is when 14 year old girls are having BABIES. There was even a news article last year where a 12 year old girl had a baby with her 13 year old boyfriend. I’m genuinely worried if people actually think that that’s okay…
Imagine what the next generation of kids are going to be like if this carries on, the sheer lack of morals and respect in society will worsen. That’s a scary thought eh?

Also, when I was in years 6 and 7, I got the school bus, and I knew that I had to sit at the front, never cause a fuss and just stay quiet. Maybe I’m just unlucky now, but the year 7s and 8s on my bus are rowdy! They constantly swear, refuse to sit at the front and make a highly annoying amount of noise every single day.

Now I know this just sounds like me ranting and often, my posts are, but this is something that’s become increasingly worrying for me as I have been learning about politics, and it makes me think about what’s going to happen in 30/40 years time when those people are going to be running our country…

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Preeya x

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