My First Post!

There are a thousand things I could tell you about myself right now, my hobbies, my interests, my likes and dislikes
But I’m not going to, I’m going to treat this blog as a new friend, and when you make a new friend its unusual to just divulge 50 facts about yourself straight away.
I find it more interesting to learn new things about a person as the friendship grows.
Reading other bloggers first post, they seem to just be full of facts such as, what hospital they were born in, at what time and how much they weighed… For me, that’s far too personal and uninteresting.
I’ll simply tell you, that this is LifeOfPree, this is my space on the internet to let my creative juices flow!

The content of this blog will probably vary a lot, from my fun days out to things in the world that interest me!
I hope you enjoy it.


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