Moving School

I completely understand that moving school is always going to be a scary experience but it may also be the best experience you have.

I decided to move school after finishing my GCSEs in year 11, I moved from Wellingborough School to Bishop Stopford – 2 very different schools and great in their own ways. 
The move from such a small, secluded school to a much larger, busier school was at first very scary, especially when I learnt the amount of people in Sixth Form alone was a similar amount to those in the whole of Wellingborough Senior School…

When I first joined we went through an induction stage in June to familiarise ourselves with the school and how Sixth Form works.  Honestly at the beginning, it was hard to make friends and to be heard, it was like being thrown in at the deep end of a swimming pool, surrounded by over 200 sweaty, loud teenagers.  But then as the days went on I became more comfortable and forced myself to speak to this group of friendly looking people and I am very glad I did as they are now some of my closest friends!

It’s all about taking that initial risk, that first step, and after that everything seems to fall into place.

The great thing about Bishop Stopford (and most other sixth forms/colleges) is that, because there is such a large year group, it’s very hard to not fit in. Somewhere in a crowded common room, there will be a group of people you meet who you will be able to talk to and feel comfortable with. 

If you are moving schools at the end of year 11 and you’re nervous about it, please don’t be! You have nothing to worry about, I promise. It may be a hard transition, especially if you’re leaving a lot of friends, but you will make new ones.
Moving schools was the best decision I have made in a while, I feel as if I can be who I really am now and I don’t have to worry about being judged for it. I have more freedom – I honestly think that if I was still at my old school I wouldn’t have made this blog.

Although Sixth Form is hard, it’s great in the sense that you are around people who want to learn and have similar interests to you. The social aspect of it is great, but remember to keep a balance between fun and work.

Preeya x

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