I’m Back! (Again)

Hello Everyone!

OOPS, almost 2 years have passed by since you saw a post from me. Sorry!
I thought it would be nice to upload an update post on here as I am unable to film and I do miss this blogging concept. In the summer, I will try to upload a blog and a vlog every week!
If you didn’t already know, I make amateur YouTube videos on my channel – I love making videos but they are extremely time-consuming to edit and upload.

I just realised I hadn’t even had my 18th Birthday party the last time I posted! That was an amazing night and I have so many memories from it that I will cherish for a long time. My dad also turned 60, 10 days before my birthday so we put on a joint party and got our beloved friends and family to join us to celebrate these milestones! (One more impressive than the other…) My brother Millan, and I surprised our guests by performing a short (AMATEUR) dance for them, getting my mum to join us for the last part. It was so much fun and I don’t think anyone was expecting to see us dance, so it was a good surprise! Here is the link to my birthday party vlog.

Technology and I have a rocky relationship, as I am sure some of you are aware. I have sadly broken my phone (Huawei P9) for the second time since November 2016, and I am just waiting for it to be fixed/replaced. If you watched my Paris vlog, you will also know that I dropped my camera whilst filming for a DisneyLand Video so I had to use my phone to film that!
Sad story really… I was going through a turnstile at the tube station on the way to Disney, trying to film an ‘arty’ shot ANNDD I dropped it on the floor  🙁

I have had my braces taken off since my last post as well – I do not miss them one bit.

Life at the moment is pretty good to be honest! I have the greatest of friends at university and at home – friends are super important and I can’t stress enough, the importance of keeping your friends close to you and making that extra effort with them. University is understandably stressful, but I love my degree and I am confident in my choice to study Law more and more every day! I will do a blog or vlog (as per request) about tips when studying, not just Law, but any degree, as well as how to look after yourself at University soon!

ALSO I have a big ‘secret’ that I want to share, only people at Uni know at the moment (as well as my mum, dad and brother)… I GOT A TATTOO! I am in love with it, I have had it for 2/3 weeks now and I admire it every day.


I chose an elephant to represent strength, as I move on to such an important part of my life as a happier, more confident person. I got it done at the Rose & Dagger in Wellingborough and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone thinking of getting a tattoo living in this area. Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rosedaggertattoo3/?fref=ts
The staff are all so friendly and funny, as well as professional. I have no negative things whatsoever to say about that place! The artists are incredibly talented.

Recently I signed up to sell beauty and skin products, so there may be posts on that coming up!

IN CONCLUSION THEN, I am back and want to be posting on here more frequently. I find blogging a lot easier than making videos so maybe until exams are over, I will be more active on this rather than my channel. Please do go over and subscribe to my channel and watch some videos!
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Thanks for reading,

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