Girl Online – Zoe Sugg

Around this time last week, I ordered a book.
The book is called “Girl Online” and is written by the YouTuber and Blogger, Zoe Sugg, aka. Zoella.


Ever since I pre-ordered it on Amazon, I have been anxiously waiting for the 25th of November to come so that I can finally hold THE BOOK in my hands.
I didn’t really know what to expect from the book. I knew I would enjoy it as I like reading Zoella’s blog, her writing style is very appealing and I wondered if her book would be the same.
About 10 minutes ago, I began to read the book, got to page 3 and thought, I need to blog!
Her book begins with her characters first blog post, explaining why she wants to begin to blog, which seemed to be fairly similar to mine, minus the anonymous factor. She talks of the typical struggles of a teenage girl and lists:

Top Ten Reasons for Teenage Girls Getting Anxious
1. You’re supposed to look perfect all the time
2. This coincides with your hormones deciding to go bonkers
3. Which leads to the spottiest time of your entire life
4. Which also coincides with the first time you’ve had the freedom to buy chocolate whenever you like
5. Suddenly everyone cares about what you wear
6. And what you wear has to look perfect too
7. Then you’re supposed to know how to pose like a supermodel
8. So you can take a selfie in your outfit of the day
9. Which you then have to post on social media for all your friends to see
10. You’re supposed to be wildly attractive to the opposite sex (while dealing with all of the above

And I think this list perfectly shows the struggles a girl may have to face on a daily basis. I purely just wanted to share this with you. I also want to apologise for my lack of blogging, I am trying my best to write whenever I can and whenever I feel inspired to, this book did, hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon.

Preeya x

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