Listening to Nigel Farage

There are a few things I learnt about politics, politicians, and my generation today.  I learnt that politicians often pronounce the word issue, “iss-you.” I learnt that politicians are not afraid to openly discuss controversial issues when at the risk of being heckled by 3,000 politics students. And I learnt that my generation is full of people who have set, distinctive views that they are also, not afraid to share.

Today I attended a political conference in Westminster Central Hall, London. Politicians such as John Bercow, William Hague, Simon Hughes, Nadine Dorries and most excitingly, Nigel Farage attended and spoke at!

All of the politicians spoke of the same sort of topics, telling us why their party was the best party to support when it comes to the economy, the EU and education. UKIP was also a reoccurring theme throughout the day whether it was, seeing UKIP as a threat to the Conservatives or purely discussing all of the flaws of Nigel Farage and his beloved party.

When Nigel Farage walked onto the stage and made his way to the podium, everyone in the room was fixated on him and began to speculate what he was going to say. One of his first statements was “UKIP are the changing face of politics” another, more controversial statement soon after, “politicians are as dull as ditch water”  and that they have “thick minded heads.”
He then went on to say how UKIP will restore democracy throughout the UK, with high “control over our borders” and how he was going to reform the education system. That UKIP “are the (only) party that wants total change” claiming they have high self respect and ambition.  When asked if he thought the UK was a 2 party system, he responded no, Conservatives, Labour and UKIP are the main 3.

I could go on and on about what each politician said, and how they tried to convince those old enough to all to vote for their party in the 2015 May Election, but I’m sure not everyone reading this will take a great interest in politics.  To ensure you take away something from this post, just know this: don’t vote UKIP.

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