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I realise that I haven’t blogged in over a month and I apologise for it but I do have a good reason!
My aim was to blog once a week without fail for at least 3 months and then maybe I could ease off when it’s closer to exam period. However, I found that this month I haven’t had a chance to just sit down, relax and write or when I do, social media seems to win me over.    At the moment I am trying to get into a stable routine for school, with A Level workload much heavier than what I’ve experienced previously, I am now trying to find a way to effectively manage my time and find the balance between social life and work time.

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Velvet Bolingbroke

It’s always nice to reminisce on your younger years, such as your first day at school, your first teacher, your nanny or your old friends. I try to keep in touch with my old friends from Castle Batch Primary School, but as it’s quite a distance away it’s hard to stay close to everyone.
There is one friend however, who I do try and keep in touch with as much as I can, and her name is Velvet. Velvet has gone through a lot in her life, considering she’s only 16. Ever since I’ve known her, she’s had CIDP which is a condition that damages nerves, causing muscles to weaken and  prevents your body from functioning properly.

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I love watching YouTubers.
There’s just something about their lives that draws you in, something that makes you want to watch their main channel videos or daily vlogs on their second channel.
I personally like a lot of YouTubers, especially those with a good sense of humour!

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New School

Starting at a new school is a real struggle for most people, finding the right group to mix with, making friends and keeping on top of work are all difficult tasks to be juggling at the same time!
I’ve started a new sixth form and I’m looking forward to doing psychology, business studies, history and politics for the next year! Unlike most of my Indian friends, I don’t enjoy maths, sciences and languages… I know, I know! Shoot me.   I much prefer humanities subjects, lessons where I can write a lot and not have to think about molecules, photosynthesis and Pythagoras’s theorem!

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