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Post 18

It’s that time of the year when everyone begins to badger you about what you are going to do next year. Sadly as I’m in year 12, I have to start properly thinking about what I want to be doing after I finish school.
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Be Yourself!

Over the past few years I have learnt that, who you are surrounded by really influences you as a person.
I used to be surrounded by very negative people who didn’t really allow me to be myself so I felt like I couldn’t do a lot of things (like make this blog) but recently I haven’t been, and I’m honestly so much happier now!

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We’re Screwed.

Our generation is messed up.
When I was being brought up I learnt to respect people, be polite, have general good manners, dress decently, don’t smoke, don’t drink etc etc…
Nowadays, walking around town you see 13 year olds wearing crop tops and mini skirts, holding their 14 year old boyfriends hand while his other holds a cigarette. Then you hear them chatting about how much fun they had getting white girl wasted on the weekend off of one whole WKD!!

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