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Will You Vote?

As some of you may have realised, I find politics quite interesting (I am even now considering doing Politics at university)  and hopefully you all know that the General Election is approaching.

Recently, TV programmes have been heavily biased to the traumatic stories of how government corruption has ruined everyone’s lives. How those living off of benefits struggle to pay for necessities such as bills and food, but then will have the latest iPhone and a 50inch TV in their living room. And of course, showings of  live debates by the leaders of Political Parties. I find them quite interesting to listen to, as they don’t have the same bickering and the petty insult throwing games that Question Time in the Commons has. It’s nice to actually hear what someone has to say!

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Best Day Ever

Hello everyone,
Happy Valentines Day! Whether you’re celebrating today with a loved one, or with a tub of ice cream and Netflix, I hope you have a lovely day! Let me know what your plans are for today in the comments section below, even you single people reading.

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Listening to Nigel Farage

There are a few things I learnt about politics, politicians, and my generation today.  I learnt that politicians often pronounce the word issue, “iss-you.” I learnt that politicians are not afraid to openly discuss controversial issues when at the risk of being heckled by 3,000 politics students. And I learnt that my generation is full of people who have set, distinctive views that they are also, not afraid to share.
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