Best Day Ever

Hello everyone,
Happy Valentines Day! Whether you’re celebrating today with a loved one, or with a tub of ice cream and Netflix, I hope you have a lovely day! Let me know what your plans are for today in the comments section below, even you single people reading.

Recently my timeline on Twitter has been dominated by Cricket and seeing all these tweets has
1. Got me really excited for IPL 2015 (starting 8th April)
2. Got me nervous for all the India vs England/ Pakistan matches
3. Made me think back to 7th September when I went to watch India vs England in Birmingham!
It was honestly such a great day, sitting only metres away from Virat Kohli when he was fielding, hearing a rowdy group of Indian guys shouting ‘abuse’ at the England team, and participating in around 5 Mexican Waves!


The vast majority of people there were Indian, with a few random England supporters dotted around the stadium to bring support to their beloved team. However, as they were massively outnumbered, any attempts were drowned out by mockery.

Some people don’t really see the point in going all the way to a stadium, putting up with the ridiculous amount of traffic on the way and way back, to watch a match if it’s going to be televised, but honestly, the atmosphere is incredible at any sports match. Mainly because of the sheer competitiveness and need for your team to win.     The tension in the air when India needed 5 to win off 1 ball was insane. For that one moment, thousands of people are silenced and hoped for the result that they wanted.
Obviously, it was then heart crushing when we didn’t win, but it was an absolutely amazing day.
If you ever have an opportunity to go to a cricket match, I URGE you to go. And if you don’t want the ticket, send it my way! (Kidding)

Preeya x

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