Beautiful World, Horrible People

Hello Everyone,

I, as I am sure so many of you are, am deeply saddened by the atrocity that took place in Manchester 2 days ago. Every time an attack like this happens, I get more affected by it than most people will. I can’t help but constantly check BBC News and Twitter for more information on who did it, who was affected, and who escaped.

I get very frustrated as I cannot and will never be able to comprehend why on earth people go ahead with these vicious attacks. Who is it helping? Why are they doing it? What is gained from killing innocent people? What is gained from killing children at the end of a concert they had the time of their life at until 10:33 pm? It’s clear from the videos circulating the internet that fear spread around that arena within milliseconds of detonation.

Children lost their parents, parents lost their children. Concert goers were forced to see 22 dead people, with holes in their bodies, laying on the ground as they scrambled to get out, and into safety. That will forever traumatise those people.

Why do it? What do you gain? Will you ever stop?

I know it seems like people in Western countries only care when it happens on their soil, but this is so untrue. I have seen a lot of posts saying “This happens every day in the middle east, why don’t you care about that”, “There was a bombing in Bangkok why don’t you care about that” – and I want to slap those people. OF COURSE I care, of course so many people care, they are human beings killed for no reason. There was a suicide bombing on a school bus in Syria not too long ago. It’s disgusting.    This attack, like the Westminister attack, just hit closer to home than a lot of people are comfortable with. My flatmate went to the same college as one of the victims of the attack for goodness sake.

My old home town of Bristol was hours away from an attack. This is so painful to hear, I grew up there, I went to school there, and it was hours away from being full of fear and debris. That hurts.

I apologise for the depressing post but it has been on my mind since I heard of the attack in Manchester. RIP to the innocent people who lost their lives.

– Preeya Lakhani

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